• Cover to cover review for typos and major timeline or character inconsistencies.
  • Recommendations to correct plot holes
  • Vocabulary cross-references to ensure accurate usage of uncommon words
  • Recommendations for removal of "filler" content that isn't moving the story along
  • Rewrites of sentences or paragraphs that aren't clear and concise
  • Rewrite to ensure tense consistency

$350 - up to 35k words
$550 - 35,001 to 55k words
$750 - 55,001 to 75k words
$950 - 75,001 to 95k words

$1150 - 95,001 to 115k words

$1350 - 115,001 to 135k words

$1550 - 135,001 to 155k words

** If you would like a 2nd 'proofread' of your book after you've made the initial corrections, the cost is 60% of your first payment price. For example, if your first edit was $600, the final proofread will cost $360. This is recommended if you had significant changes or did any rewriting after your edit. **

What to expect:

  • I will not change your "style"
  • I will not alter the intent of your story
  • I am not a grammar nazi -- I will always try to "correct" your work in the least invasive manner to ensure consistency and clarity
Pricing for an Editorial Review